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Every Organization Should focus on building a marketing dominated sales organization to move away from price wars & delete competition.

- Rishab Gupta
Author, The Ayurveda Giant's
Rishabh = Marketing... Period...
Sankalp Bansal
CEO & Founder Vidvox Consultancy
I trust Rishabh, Just Give Me His Book
The UX/UI King
I have known Rishabh since last 6 months only and the way he has a grip over marketing  principles is simply amazing. Whenever I talk to him he always gives me a lot of transforming  information that makes me think that we unnecessarily cry for competition, there is no competition in the market. You can standout in the market if you change beliefs and think with a bigger picture.
Himanshu Chadha
Exec. Director Aryanveda
Rishabh's sttrategic thinking is what sets him apart. He's able to take complex marketing challanges and turns them into actionable plans that deliver results. His ability to think outside the box is a true asset to our team.
Gurpreet Bhatia
Founder & CEO Flying Saints
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When You Believe, Your Mind Will Find A Way

- David J. Schwantz
Author of The magic Of Thinking Big

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The Ayurveda Giants' plan saved the day!

As a startup founder, I struggled to find a marketing approach that fit my limited  resources and tight budget. The Ayurveda Giants' plan saved the day! It showed  me exactly where to start and how to optimize my marketing efforts efficiently.  Thanks to this book, I've been able to attract new customers and grow my  business exponentially. Don't miss this gem if you want a shortcut to marketing  success!

Michael L.
CEO & Founder, FMCG Startup

'The Ayurveda Giants' 1-Page Success  Marketing Plan' completely shattered my doubts!

I've read countless marketing books, and I was initially skeptical about how much value a 1-page plan could offer. But 'The Ayurveda Giants' 1-Page Success  Marketing Plan' completely shattered my doubts! It's a game-changer. This concise yet incredibly powerful blueprint took away all the guesswork, and I now have a clear direction for my marketing strategies. Kudos to the author for creating such an impactful guide!

Sarah M.
Marketing Consultant, London

Wow! 'The Ayurveda Giants' 1-Page Success Marketing Plan' is pure gold!

I implemented just one strategy from the book, and the results were astounding.  My website traffic doubled within a week, and my sales soared! It's refreshing to  find a book that delivers tangible benefits so quickly. This is a must-have resource  for anyone serious about marketing triumphs.

Alex P.
E-commerce Entreprenuer

'The Ayurveda  Giants' plan streamlines marketing

As a marketing professional, my schedule is packed, and I needed a concise yet powerful guide to optimize my campaigns. This book nailed it! 'The Ayurveda  Giants' plan streamlines marketing into an effective and straightforward process.  The step-by-step instructions, along with real-world examples, made it a breeze to implement. My clients are thrilled with the results, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to grab this gem!

Emma S.
Marketing Manager
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